Swing into Spring

Swing into Spring

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Starting September, Come to all classes on the timetable for 60 days!

Classes include AntiGravity® Fitness & Yoga, CrossCore® Bodyweight Training and UBOUND® Cardio.


🌱 Increase strength    

🌱 Drop weight and tone      

🌱 De-stress and raise your endorphin levels    

🌱 Compliment your current training 

🌱 Full body workouts    

🌱 Perfect entry workout for beginners   

BONUS offerings:

FREE 30 Min Massage worth $45

Enjoy a back, neck and shoulder massage on us. Or upgrade to an hour for only $45!

FREE Tongue Scraper worth $16

Tongue cleaning (scraping) is a well-known Ayurvedic self-care practice used to remove oral bacteria and debris found on the back of the tongue, that appears as a coating. Every morning, as you wake up, use your scraper to remove bacteria build-up. Think of it as a daily Spring Clean for your mouth and body.

FREE Floating meditation workshop worth $25

Research has shown that regular meditation can help reduce stress and improve physical health too. Anyone can practice meditation. With the support of the hammocks, we’ll float through some pranayama breath work to find balance, presence, relaxation and release. LEARNMORE

FREE Healthy eating habit questionnaire and a complimentary summary from Holly Hargreaves Nutrition worth $80

Let's start the new season on the right foot! Associate Registered Nutritionist Holly, specialises in helping you to improve your relationship with food and balance your weight. She can also help enhance your nutrition to aid in disease prevention. Areas of expertise include using a weight-inclusive approach, improving energy, mood, and relationship with food.

"I believe our bodies are incredibly resilient. We just need to give it the right environment and means to flourish." 

FREE Laughing yoga workshop worth $30

We wanted to celebrate the end of winter 2022 by bringing our community together with a whole lot of love and laughter! Laughter is said to be the shortest distance between two people! Our laughing yoga workshop will allow you to loosen up, open your mind and free your inner child! Using clapping, breathing and different exercises to get you giggling! You don't need to have any yoga or aerial experience, nor do you need to be flexible, strong or super fit! LEARNMORE

DISCOUNT offerings

20% off Yogatribe Mats

20% off a Float Facial

$20 off a Float Tee 

Can't commit to 60 days, but still keen to hang out? Not a problem! We still have our $99 30 Day Pass available. This is a great 1 month pass option to keep your fitness goals going as we head into Summer. You can get this   HERE


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