A Wellness Bootcamp
A Wellness Bootcamp
A Wellness Bootcamp

A Wellness Bootcamp

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Beautiful Beings!... Spring is in the air!.  Aren’t these sunny days just beautiful. 

Abby has been busy putting her heart and soul into creating this Well-Beings Course.  We are SO excited and wanted to tell you all about it!. 

This course was created with the intention that it would be all about Wellbeing!. Not just your everyday bootcamp. Something much more unique and special.  We wanted to create a space where people are invited to show up as they are, not so much about losing weight and being any better than you are, but more so about coming AS you are, feeling good in your own skin and making commitment and dedication to feeling great, in a more holistic sense. 

Included will be unlimited classes at Float Fitness, an online yoga class with Abby, a 30min nutritional consult with Serina Gardner from Nourishe Natural Health, a 30 min Facial or AromaTouch, a bag full of goodies, discount vouchers and tickets to some amazing workshops!  There are some incredible Presenters coming along, each week you will be blessed with a different workshop to attend. 

This journey will support you to get on your way to health and wellness.  Say yes to YOU!  Feel great, mind, body and soul. You know you deserve it. 

This course is worth over $550, for only $250!

As a member it's just $160